Change permissions for sharing?

I’ve had wyze cams pushing 3 years now and last year I talked my mom into getting some too. Well she’s not very tech savvy and I’m often having to try and walk her through whatever steps to fix the typical issues or change the settings that somehow got messed up (that she swears she didn’t touch anything lol)…anyhow, it can get frustrating for both of us at times and often I will just make a quick video guide for her and then call and talk her through it—-the ultimate solution would be to expand the permissions given when you share cameras with someone as she has hers linked to me so I can keep an eye on things from afar and alert to anything happening or any cam issues… is there any way to get the option for her to share the rest of the camera settings for each camera with me so that I can go in and adjust notifications detection zones etc etc….thankfully I can at least change the daytime nighttime to on/off/auto as it never fails to get hit somehow probably twice weekly and you can’t see anything….

Tldr-can the individual camera settings be fully shared when you share the camera with someone as this person needs help with adjustments often

Additional permissions for shared users is a very common suggestion, but for now the only way is to have the cameras on your account, and share them with her.


I am getting ready to install multiple cams for my parents. My plan is to put them all on their account and not share them. I don’t want their notifications and events and I don’t want them to have access to mine.

I will have their user name and password though. When they mess something up, which they inevitably will do, I will sign out of my account and sign into theirs and make changes I need to fix it.

The only thing I have to work out is the 2FA issue. I might have to leave that off on their account.

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The “share permissions” are a subset of the full permissions. However one that I thought blocked notifications for the person was being shared a camera didn’t work the way I expected. I was shared a camera and it was getting lots of alerts, so wrote a “rule” that blocked notifications on the camera I was being shared. Thinking that it would only block the notifications for me and not the primary owner of the camera. Turns out it blocked notifications for both the owner and the shared person. The primary owner could not override the blocking of notifications. I as the shared person had to disable the “rule”
blocking notifications on the shared camera for the primary owner to get notified of alerts on that camera. Now we are both being notified of alerts. Will stop sharing the camera to address this. Interesting that some features don’t work and others that I didn’t expect to do have the authority to override the primary owner.