Setup button on v3 dead?

One of my V3 cams seems to have failed, I went to change the network SSID by pressing reset - no dice. I can feel the button click, but no voice saying ‘ready to connect’

Am I missing anything obvious here, or is it just dead and stuck on the old SSID??

Try using some small tool to press the button. Even though it feels like you got it fully pressed you may not.

Tried that, unfortunately with no results.

Did you try holding it long enough for a factory reset?

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10 seconds, then a 2nd try for about 20, no sound, and it didnt reset as evidenced by it still working on the old SSID

That sounds like the firmware is having a problem letting it work? I don’t know if the setup button is a full force reboot (to do a factory reset) or if the firmware has to shutdown the OS (aka firmware) first before doing it. Another way of saying that is the firmware could be stuck in some way.

You did this after unplugging it or have not done that?

It could also just be a bug with that firmware too if the button can’t force reboot in all cases.

Ten edits for clarification lol.

I did try unplugging it, no bueno unfortunately.