Setting up Wyze to monitor my robotic pooper scooper

I have a WyzeCam Pan which I am using to monitor my new Litter-Robot litter box. I have setup a “detection zone” as shown here:

As I’m only interested in capturing “events” that occur in the green-boxed area, I think I have this part setup properly. For “event recording” I only have detect motion and not detect sound.

For “notification events”, I also have motion and not sound. But I’m never getting notifications on the app for my iPad or iPhone.

On Advanced Settings, for local storage I have “record events only”.

I want to be notified of all “motion events” as defined as movement in the detection zone, and be able to review all of those events. How can I get these notifications and review these events? Do I need to do a factory reset to make this happen?

Well first, your thread would get more attention if you put Robotic Cat Poop Scoop in the subject, but it sounds as if you have set everything correctly. Are you not getting any events on the Events tab?

Notifications are another story. Mine never work on my old app, and there have been outages this last week.