No notifications, no events

I started using another Wyze cam to check on my traps for TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return of feral cats). This is a new camera. The person who feeds the cats is the one who currently “owns” the camera and she shared it with me. Neither of us receives any notifications, and no events are recorded either. Initially we didn’t have a micro-SD card in, but yesterday I put one in (32 GB), and still nothing. No recording. No events. No notification. The “Notification” switch is on (green).

@immerwieder - you say your Notifications are on but what are the settings for Event Recording? To get the recorded events you have to have that turned on for the type of event you want.
Notifications also have to be turned in for the app itself - the bell in the upper right corner of the Home screen should not have a slash thru it.

They also have to be in and allowed for the Wyze app in your devices Settings.

The bell is there, and no slash through.

Be sure to charge you phone : )

Be sure Notification is enabled for the Wyze app.

I found the problem! This is the first time a camera has been shared with me. The gal who is the “owner” (it is my cam, but on her property), figured out how to enable notification, and then it worked on my end too. Apparently a shared user can only get them them when the main user has the right setting. Interesting!