Multiple Camera playback to review pet’s behaviors

I have two cameras monitoring my Litter-Robot, which is a (expensive) litter box that spins and dumps the cat’s “leavings” every time they do their foul business. Cats can be very particular about where they will eliminate, and introducing them to something new should be done carefully and with lots of foresight.

I use a WyzeCamPan to watch the entire room the Litter-Robot is located, and a WyzeCamv3 aimed directly at the Litter-Robot.

With the event monitoring of the Wyze cams, and the event monitoring of the Litter-Robot I can review the history of everything that happens in that room.

I was able to use this information to discover that our boy cat waits for his older step-sister cat to exit the litter box and then sneak attack her. That causes her angst and she associates it with the Litter-Robot. I was able to modify this behavior by making it impossible for him to hide and sneak attack her. Success, hooray!

However, there is one thing I wish I could do with Wyze, I want to watch each camera’s playback at the same time. Is it possible to do this, and “scrub” each video frame by frame since they are time synched?


No way to do that within the Wyze app. You may be able to do that with a PC program, but I can’t advise if you can. I would suggest setting the uSD card to record continuously rather than depend on event detection.