Setting up with Android App

This is due to the way that the new droid os uses the connections. You would need to turn off mobile data NOT wifi… you do not want this to connect to your mobile network (sprint/verizon/att etc) and the new os will try to change to the mobile data (4g/3g) instead of remaining connected to wifi during the setup process. This is what @DreadPirateRush was referring to.

To further complicate things… the new droid os prefers the 5ghz connection and at times will use it if not manually put on the 2.4ghz.

I setup 2 totally different wifi connections in my house for the different channels so I can be sure which I am connecting to. Example: GetURownMOOCH!2.4ghz and GetURownMOOCH!5ghz.
I found early on that alot of IOT devices only like the 2.4ghz network

Once mobile data is off, connect to the 2.4ghz wifi… the cams do not work with the 5ghz network. Complete the setup and then you can turn mobile data back on and use any connection to access the cams. The cams will now remain on the 2.4ghz wifi and work as they should.