Wyze Cam v.2 - Android mobile app & Webcam

I have 2 issues:

  1. I cannot set up the app on my phone - I get stuck when it asks me to select a network. My own mobile phone network does not show up (several others do), even though I have internet on my mobile phone. I am not sure what phone settings I should have turned on.

  2. I would like to use the camera as a web cam, I found instructions online for this.
    I tried to do this and it did not work. Do I need the app on my phone first?

@Lisa4 Welcome to the community! You can find the answer to some of your questions in this support article below. You will need a computer or Mac to use the webcam not your phone.

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Are you trying to set up a camera when this occurs? Are you trying to find your wifi network? When you say “My own mobile phone network does not show up” it makes me think wifi, not your mobile data network.

You need to find your “Wifi” settings for connectivity to Wyze cams. A “mobile network” will not suffice.

@Lisa4 - Welcome to the forum! Sorry you are having problems.
To start with, could you provide: the type of phone you are using (Apple or Android) and the operating system version. That will help us!
To clarify: you can’t use the cam as both a’webcam’ and as a Wyze Cam via the app. The webcam option dedicates the cam to that use only and it can’t be used via the app after installing the firmware unless you reinstall the original firmware.
If you could provide the phone info and let us know which option you want to pursue maybe we can help you get started.


Hi, Thanks very much for your reply.
My phone is an Android 6.0.1
model is HTC Senser version 7.0_g
I am not sure if either of these things are the operating system.
I would like to use the wyze camera as a security camera.

Hi @Lisa4 ! I am not on Android so my knowledge there is limited but maybe I can help with some of your concerns, and I will tag into this conversation my fellow @Mavens , some of whom are very Android knowledgeable.
To address your desire to use this as a security cam, just be aware that Wyze does not sell or represent them as a security device. However, to use it to monitor an area in my opinion you will be better off using it as a stock Wyze Cam and not converting to a webcam. If you try a webcam you will need another device connected to it running some type of software all the time whichgets more complicated. As a stock cam you just need the app on your phone.
No matter what phone you use, to install the cam you will need to know

-the name assigned to your home Wifi network. If you don’t know, it it’s usually on a label on the router/modem box your internet provider gave you. It probably will be labeled as “SSID”name.
-the password for this Wifi. If it has not been changed, the default will again usually be on the same label. These two items are essential!

The network the setup program is asking for is this network - identified by the SSID name mentioned above. Your phone should be connected to this network when you try to install the cam. That is done in your phones settings - here is where I’m not sure what to describe since I don’t use Android.
If the Wyze setup process for the cam does not show you the name of your WiFi (the SSID), you need to type it in. Then enter the password when it prompts you. Remember that password must be exact-upper & lower case, numbers. and symbols must match exactly. It will then try to locate your network and hopefully connect. From there on, you are in! Just use the cam thru the app. You should be able to access it from your home Wifi, friends Wifi or your provider cellular data setup (LTE).
Best of luck and keep us posted!


I would like to use the wyze camera as a security camera.

@Lisa4 I agree with @tomp. I believe all you need to do is use the Wyze camera straight out of the box for your use case.

Download the free Wyze app to your Android device from Google Play Store below and follow the steps in the setup guide. Then the camera can be used to monitor your home or property etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It might help to turn off your mobile data and only keep your WiFi on. It’s not supposed to connect to your mobile data network when you’re first setting it up. I know I had issues with the wyze bulb but when I turned off mobile data then it worked. Usually with setting up the wyze cams I have not needed to turn off mobile data but you can try it.

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