Wyze Cam Pan not able to connect to Wi-fi networks

Hi. Trying to figure out why my Wyze Cam Pan v2 | Baby Monitor, Pet Camera, Indoor PTZ Security Camera won’t find any wi-fi networks when I do the set-up and choose the drop-down menu on my Wyze android phone app. I have to manually type in my wi-fi network and password, though that doesn’t work.

Is your phone on the network you’re trying to connect the camera to? Make sure it is.
How far away is the camera from the router?
Is your app updated?
(Android 2.15.21)

also, when you do find it, make sure you are trying to connect to a 2.4ghz band SSID on your router and not the 5ghz band assuming they are different if you have dual bands.

some routers combine them into the same SSID and you actually have to turn off the 5ghz radio on the router ( hopefully your router has this ability as some do not) to allow Wyze products to connect to the correct 2.4 band. once connected you can have the 5ghz band on again without issue, it’s only for the initial connection that each device needs to connect strictly to the 2.4 band.

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