Setting a schedule for the new color bulbs

I have several Wyze items and have never had any problems with any of them until I add the new color light bulbs.

The new bulbs were a breeze to set up and I really like them. However, I cannot get the schedules to work. I have a plug that is set on a schedule and I’ve never had any problems with it until I set up the new bulbs. When I tried to set the schedule up for the bulbs, this schedule for the plug showed up on them so I thought this schedule was going to work on all three items - wrong.

I finally was able to get the plug working again with the help of customer support and we thought by combining both the bulbs as a group they would work too but the bulbs will not work on a schedule at all no matter how I have them set. I tried to set each one up and that doesn’t work either.

If anyone as any suggestions I would love to hear them. Thank you in advance. By the way, the young man that tried to help me with this (and like I said we thought it was working) was such a nice person to work with and he went out of his way to try to help me.

Thank you so much,

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are the bulbs in a lamp that is running ON the plug you are having issues with?

how do you have the devices named? i.e. the plug and the bulbs.

if you can give us just a bit more detail on what you are trying to do…for example…you want the plug to turn on at 2pm and off at 5pm

but you want the bulbs to turn on at 3pm and off at 8pm. or if you are attempting to use triggers or anything like that.

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To aid in answering @Bam s questions, screenshots of the rules etc will help tons! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

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I have the lights around our pool (name: Pool Lights) plunged into one of my Wyze plug and the schedule is turn on at 8:00 pm, turn off at 6:00 am next morning. I finally have this plug working. My two bulbs are in my pouch light sockets. One is named Front door light, Backdoor light then I have them grouped together named color bulbs. I have set as the same schedule as my pool lights. I hope this helps. Thank you, Mary

Did you receive the screenshots?

Mary did you ever get this issue resolved? I am having a scheduling issue and the responses I have been getting from support have been unhelpful and appear to have just stopped. Curious to know if this happened to you too.

No, it still doesn’t work. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes one works and the other one doesn’t (I have 2). I gave up a long time ago, I just check every morning and night or just tell Alexa to turn them on or off. My plugs work on the very same schedule all the time.

I’ve tried deleting them and adding them back but that didn’t work either.

Hope you have a solution, they drive me nuts.

Thank you so much

Same situation here with the one bulb I bought. Last few days it seems to be behaving. Very disappointed in the help(?) I’ve been getting from the support staff. Thanks for the info. NY Times recommends this bulb as the best of the lot. Going to see if I can get them to rescind their recommendation.

Best to you.

Sometimes I wish I had not wasted my money but I wanted the multi color and at that time they were the only ones available. I have four of them :frowning:

It’s becoming apparent to me that to get your scheduling correct, you only need to enter the turn on time action which includes a turn off time in it’s inputs. If you set a turn off action and a turn on action, the programming tries to accomplish both actions at the START time leading to completely inconsistent on/off actions by the bulb.

First, don’t recall if you are having a scheduling problem or not, but it’s beyond me how a company can put out a “smart” product without a clear set of definitions of what it can do and then a clear set of procedures for accomplishing those tasks.

Yes, the only problem I have is getting the scheduling to work. I’ll try what you suggested.

Thank you

I did not see them. Can you post updated screenshots so you get fresh eyes on it and maybe see why it’s not working for you, thanks in advance!

No, I’m sorry I didn’t receive them.

I just set them to sunrise and sunset to see if that works.

I’d like to see what your rule looks like so if you could take a screenshot of your rule with all actions shown and post that here that would help alot. When the rule is not behaving the way you want and it misses the schedule, look at the rules history by clicking on account from the main page in the app, then click on rules, then click on the history tab. That area should show when your rules triggered and if they were successful, or failed so we can tell what happened and when. If you can add those photos that would help bunches. Thanks in advance!

So I see your rule in the screen shots, thanks for the pictures, and you’ve stated that the bulb rule hasn’t worked to your wishes. What are you wishing that they would do? According to your rule, the only action included is to change it’s color temperature. You have not included any on or off actions. If you want the bulb to also turn on and off at your listed times, you need to include the “turn on” action.

To come on at 6:00 pm the go off at 6:00 the next morning. All my plugs work on the same schedule without any problems but the light bulbs only work half the time. Sometimes one will come on and the other one won’t. Then sometimes one will go off and the other one will not. Yet some days they both work from my rule. So it’s very strange why they don’t work all the time. I have removed them and set them back up and that doesn’t help. I have 7 cameras, three plugs, ear plugs (which I help test) and the two bulbs are they only thing that gives me problems.

Can you show screenshots of all your other rules? The “front door” rule you showed has no on or off command,.it’s only changing the color of the bulb.