Service Desk Reply from Wyze Makes No Sense

Continuing the discussion from Watch Firmware Updates Failing:

I contacted support for help on this issue of my watch starting a firmware update then never completing the update. I went through all the same steps again at their behest, with the same results. The download starts and 2 hrs later not finished.

This was their solution! "My team here in support does not review your log or follow the progress. We’re working on developing a process so that we can track these logs on our end, but it’s still very much in progress. We hope to have the ability to receive more details from your log submissions sometime in the future.

Please keep an eye out for firmware and app updates. If the problem persists, please continue to submit logs with the new app and firmware versions."

Keep an eye out??? For a new watch keep sending logs? I don’t think so. I have requested return of the week old watch. I am not doing development for them.

I don’t have a Wyze Watch, so I can’t give you any help there.

But, here is what I know about Wyze CS: it is a contract service Wyze turfs overseas to the Philippines. They have no hands on working knowledge of the hardware or the software. They are NOT Technical Support. They are script readers only. If they get to the end of the script, they turf you. They have NO access to logs, those are for developers @ Wyze only. You have to ask them to specifically send your logs, if any, to a developer at Wyze and give you a ticket #. Get their name.

Then you come here to the forum and find a topic on the subject and hopefully there is a Wyze Team member you can reply to or tag with your log # and ticket #. Usually they are part of the Digital Media Team who can relay the post to a Watch Team Developer.

If that doesn’t work out, you might try to tag a Moderator or Maven. They aren’t part of the Wyze team to fix it, but they have evolved magical :magic_wand: powers to escalate the issue to someone at Wyze who can address it.

Good Luck!


I have 7 cameras, the scale, and the garage door opener. This is my first negative experience. I have requested to return the watch. It is 8 days old, and I am too old (72) to screw with sending logs, etc. When they get one that works I may try it again. Thanks for the info!

No need for that. The issue has already been escalated. Wyze has been posting status/updates in the original topic.


Thanks for the idea to reach out to a Maven. If I do not get a reply from my return request I will do so. This seems to have been released prematurely. If the firmware never updates it might as well be a brick. I’d just as soon return it as I requested to do, and spend my cash elsewhere.