Watch 44: Can someone from wyze comment on state of firmware and plans

There have been a number of comments about the problems/disappointments with the software of the Watch 44, differences from watch 47 and the like. Clearly the software is early and there are bugs to be fixed, UI to be polished and functionality to be added/changed. Can someone from Wyze comment on your view and plans. I think the device has great promise with a bit of fix to bugs and apps and most issues I see are software and the base hardware seems good.


I agree. The forum is primarily a user to user community though so someone from Wyze will likely not respond here. Sometimes a Wyze employee might reply here but I haven’t seen anyone from Wyze here discuss about the watch bugs yet.

I would submit logs for the bugs on the watches and hope they will fix them with updates eventually. If you have something defective, then you would need to contact customer support.

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