Service Advisory 11/14/20: Difficulty logging into the Wyze app and integrations not working

Yikes!!! Oh no they must be lonely! Bless your heart!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Unable to log in from iPhone.

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Same here. iPhone and can’t login. It says Server Error

Edit: Issues with IOS beta. I made the mistake of forcing close and reopening the app.:frowning:
Keep up the great work Wyze, you can fix it!


Anyone else here thinking where the heck did the 5 minutes of cool down on your cameras recording came from?
I had gotten a renew notice for camplus and it said without it my recordings would now be 12 seconds with 5 minutes of cool down in between! Wtf? That wasn’t the situation prior to me having started cam plus when it came out and now its like my arm is being twisted and my neighbor has camplus for free which she didn’t choose it just popped up on her camera. One of hers. She has two. Dirty tactics Wyze. Very very dirty. In my opinion.

Nope I have IOS Beta and I’m having issues. No login

Same here!! Very frustrating

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Same here … :frowning:

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Are you on Apple iOS beta 14.3 (18C5044) for iPhone?

The 5-minute cooldown and 12-second video limit is actually something that has existed since we launched our first product. Cam Plus is an optional subscription that will allow you to have no cooldown and longer Event videos. I’ll let the team know that it’s not as clear when people receive the trial when setting up their devices. Each Wyze Cam that is set up has a free, 2-week trial of Cam Plus so folks can test it out and decide if they want it in the future.


@dr.know, @WyzeGwendolyn and @Czarina

I logged in once - but it didn’t show my pan cams, it showed outdoor cams with what looked like MACs where the name should be. I am unable to setup my new outdoor camera (2nd on exiting base). now nothing, outdoor cams seem to have disappeared. this is from my phone. Can’t login with tablet - getting password failure.

My neighbor has had her two cameras longer than I have had mine. And she only noticed one of hers started taking longer recordings . She and I share the feeds so we see four total cameras instead of our own two each. 5 minutes cool down was definitely not anywhere I recall reading which I did read all info when I got the two cameras.

Could you please tell me if you purchased through our website or through a retailer? We’re pretty upfront about that so I want to look into this to make sure information we expect to be there isn’t missing.

Has your neighbor recently held down the RESET button and set up her camera again?

11/14/20 4:19 PM PT - We are continuing to work on the login and integration issue and do not have an update at this time. Thank you for your patience.


FYI Bluestacks is working for me by my iOS devices are down


Same experience as @cmartorelli and @Mattanza1

Cannot log into any Wyze cam account with iOS but Android seems to be working fine.

2FA account sends me the code but won’t login, non-2FA just won’t login.

Have never used Google assistant.


Me too… i can’t see my babies on their cam. Problem To connect To my account. Use iPhone.

Some people actually use this as a security system your baby monitoring…

Sarcastic comments aren’t necessary


You guys should send and email out when you’re having a system wide issue.

You definitely don’t have a problem sending an email when you have a new product.