Separate scheduling for Heat and AC in Wyze Thermostat

Here in VA, especially these past few weeks, we are constantly flipping back and forth between heat and AC, and having to make the input several times over and over again…it is very frustrating.

I would simply let the schedule do it automatically, but the range isn’t sufficient enough for us. In the early morning (5am) we need the heat running to 72 when its 45 outside. In the mid afternoon when its 80 outside, we need the ac cooling to 74 upstairs. The schedule won’t allow for this because you cannot schedule different temp settings independently for AC and heat.

The way the schedule is currently setup only allows for heating to 69 and cooling to 74…or heating to 72 and cooling to 77. There is a 5 degree swing if you want to use auto, and none of these ranges work for us.

I just end up manually turning the heat on at 5am, and by 9am it stops cycling and the house is warm until the mid-afternoon where its like 80 outside, and we now need to start calling for AC.

I would love it if we could have a SEPARATE schedule for AC and Heat modes, solving a major pain point for this time of year living in the northeast.

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Same issue here in Arkansas, though it will be 32 at night and 78 during the day. I want to set the temp for heat at 72 and AC at 74. Cannot do it.