Sensor Videos option lists only V3 Cams

Now that I have started using CamOGs, I recently noticed that the Sensor Videos option only provides a list of my CamV3s to select for the 12 second cloud upload. Is that a programming oversight? I expected to see all my cams listed based on the following quote from Wyze
“ Sensor Videos



July 13, 2022 13:40

Wyze Sense lets you record a video with your Wyze Cam whenever a sensor is triggered. Any Sensor in your account can trigger any Wyze Cam on the same account. …”

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Hello @AmoEGL

You should be able to do this in the app but going to:

Account tab → Rules → + (in upper right) → Device and Service Trigger

You will set up your sensor as the trigger and your Wyze Cam OG as the Action with Upload a short video to the cloud as the option.

Thanks Jason. I did use the Rule procedure after I noticed the CamOG was not in the Sensor Videos list of available cams. The Notification streams seem different so I thought maybe it was a programming issue.

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