No Sensor Based Video Recording since 1/1/2021

I have a V2 camera with the sensor pack installed.

I have configured that camera and a V3 camera to record video when the sensor is opened.

Both cameras have MicroSD cards installed so that video will be captured to those cards.

After configuration, everything was working fine with the sensor triggering both cameras. When the sensor was opened, video would be recorded.

If I selected the sensor event and the camera I wanted to see, it would show the clip taken in response to the event.

Since 1/1/2021, everything works as before, except there is no video for the event.

I have reviewed the setup, nothing has changed from my configuration.

I’m worried that the “free” CamPlus trial (that I didn’t want in the first place) expiration has clobbered the perfectly good setup that I put in place.

Can others check to see if their sensors are triggering video capture to MicroSD?

Wyze, do you have a reason why this would suddenly stop working?

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Can you try restarting your cameras from the app (this will not change or erase any settings) and then see if it starts working again?

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I do not use Cam Plus but am able to successfully record videos based on motion sensor triggering: when either Motion Sensor #1 or #2 is triggered, it causes both Cameras A and B to record a video. That works fine.

What does not work as of 1 January 2021 is that these two motion sensors, which are assigned to a Group, show no history of triggering, only their current state. But, other sensors that are not assigned to a group will show their history.

[EDIT] I tried restarting the cameras that host the sensor bridge which communicates with these motion sensors, and even tried power-cycling those bridge hosts, and the same problem persists for me.

Mine is doing the same thing.
I think Wyze is trying to get people to sign up for the Plus.

Maybe I signed up for Cam Minus? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@jjr, your post made me look at the app again, and I have to revise my earlier statement as I have no sensor events as of 1/1/2021 either.

In addition to triggering my cameras, I also have the sensor open event turn on a Wyze bulb to one color temperature. The sensor close event changes the Wyze bulb to the other end of the spectrum.

This is still happening even though no events are being logged.

Probably related to this:

From what I’m hearing from everyone else, and it worked for me is that you have to disable your cameras under event recording on each one of your sensors. Then it will start creating a log.


From what I’m hearing from everyone else, and it worked for me is that you have to disable your cameras under event recording on each one of your sensors. Then it will start creating a log.

Thanks for the suggestion, however, capturing video was the number one reason I deployed the sensor. Being able to click on video link on the sensor event is exactly what I was trying to achieve.

I’m going to try this to see what it does, but if I can’t trigger video on sensor open / close, that’s going to render the sensor nearly useless.

I removed all my Rules, December 19, and created new ones under Alexa. I have experienced minimal interruptions since then.

If Wyze refuses to support the original sensors then I will begin to look at other long term options.

Well, I guess I could try that, but it appears that something has gone awry in the Wyze servers, not in my devices or configuration or in those of anyone else. The correction ought to be made by Wyze directly, to correct the problem for all its users, rather than customers’ resetting or reprogramming their devices. I don’t mind fixing problems I create, but when Wyze has system failures … This simply becomes tiring and a poor use of my time.

JJR: I agree completely, However, Wyze seems to be dealing with a lot of thermostat issues right now.

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Ok, so under “events”, I had one from when the sensor was opened early today, and there’s a video of that, but I just opened the sensor a few minutes ago and that’s not there. I did not get a notification that there was an event at all, I had to go to “events” and look.

I got one notification and event yesterday, but that’s gone - if I look at yesterday’s events there’s nothing there any more.

WTF Wyze?

@WyzeGwendolyn - is anyone at Wyze even looking at this?

There’s at least two threads talking about this issue now.

I think they are just coming out with too much stuff at one time.
They should just stick with the cameras, and leave the watch, the scale, thermostats, and everything else alone.

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I am very glad that I did not buy the thermostat. The threads on that should be tagged “not ready for prime time”.

After power-cycling each of the cameras that serve as “Bridge Hosts”, i.e., the cameras that have bridges attached, my sensor history is now back for those sensors assigned to groups. Sensors not assigned to groups always showed their history without fail. History for all sensors is now displayed back to 22 December. However, there is some strange duplication of history records. Screenshot_2021-01-05-16-16-33|281x500

I cycled power on the cameras again and I think I have achieved the same level of success @jjr did.

Something must have come unglued somewhere, restarting things the first time didn’t seem to fix it, second time’s a charm?

We’ll see if things are magically fixed tomorrow.


I was going to report that after a couple of days, things seem to be working again. Cycling power on the cameras again seemed to work.
However, this morning, the sensor reported as offline, and I had to restart the camera again through the app before it reported as closed.

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I know this is an old thread but I am experiencing the same issue now. As of 1/1/23 my v2 sensor no longer triggers a sensor video. I’ve checked everything and nothing’s changed since my last sensor video was recorded on 12/31/22. I’ve tried using different cameras and also reselecting the original camera-which is set to record movement, etc… The sensor is working in that I get a notification (and accompanying text that says a sensor video was recorded) but there is no new “link” at the bottom when I have the sensor pulled up. It says open or closed as it normally has, but no new video clip links appear at the bottom. Firmware is updated.

I’m facing the same issue here. I can receive the sensor notification, but none of the cameras (2 cameras selected) records the event. I have CamPlus on both cameras.