Wyze Cam Pan V1 Not Recording when Contact Sensor Triggers

I have a Cam Pan V1 that will record clips just fine when motion or sound detection is on. I keep it off though because its in my sitting room that gets a lot of activity per day.

I do want it to record when I leave out my front door everyday though and come home, so I set up the Wyze Contact Sensor to record to the Cam Pan V1. There are no more settings in the sensor portion of the app but the Cam Pan V1 just wont record when the contact sensor is triggered.

Steps taken so far:
Updated all firmware / logged in out of app / removed camplus from camera and re-added “even though its not needed for recording” / Cleared app cache / removed and re-added contact sensors in the app.

I thought it may be the camera but none of my camera’s mix of Wyze cam V2 /V3 will record when my front / back door / garage door contact sensor’s are triggered.

All of the cameras do however record when I toggle motion or sound recording. Help desk has walked me through basic stuff so I am coming here next. Seems to me that the functionality of the sensors is the issue but dont know how to troubleshoot it.

So you created a rule to trigger a short video to the cloud after the contact sensor opens? Or can you provide a screenshot of your rules with all the actions included? Have you checked the rules history to see if they have triggered and worked or triggered and failed or not triggered at all? Do you have any filters on your event cab that may exclude your smart video or automation clips? For troubleshooting remove all filters from your event tab so you can see everything. We’ll start here and see if this clears anything up.

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I hadn’t actually thought about making a rule for a trigger/action effect.

In the Contact Sensor area in the app there is a section where you can turn on an option to record a video clip and choose the camera. I thought creating a rule in addition to this would trigger the recordings twice.

Ill turn off the record to camera on sensor break in the sensor portion of the app and just create a rule that when sensor is triggered to record from that camera to cloud. Thank you for responding and thinking of some different options. Going to give this a try and report back.

Before you make any changes like that, remove the filters in your event tab first to see if the previous videos are there to see if that was working.

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I feel a little silly. Some success but still have a small issue that I think now is more related to the Home Monitoring section.

It was indeed the filter that kept me from seeing items, and I can now see the Smart Alerts vs the Automation alerts, however I would like to see these views in the Home Monitoring section of the app as well. The views I see here for the Front Room do not show up in the Home Automation section but it may be a limitation of the Home Automation section.