Smart video alert?

What on earth is this “smart video alert” showing up in the event videos? These 12-second videos started appearing at 7:30 p.m. yesterday. Ironically, they generate no notification which is actually good because I already receive a motion notification from the V2 camera (as well as a separate motion sensor notification).

They are your motion sensor or other sensor videos.

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I already have those happening. For example, when the cat comes through the cat door, I now have three videos…Wyze motion, Wyze smart video and Wyze automation.

How to post screen shot?

I if you requested 3 videos, you got 3 videos. :slight_smile:

Motion - you set your camera to detect motion
Smart video alert - you set your sensor to capture a sensor video from a camera upon triggering
Automation - You set a Rule to upload a short video to the cloud on an event (schedule, trigger, shortcut, location). In your case, probably trigger.

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Nope…the oddly named “Wyze automation” is what results when the separate motion sensor is activated. I have no rules in place. Remember…this just started last night, out of the blue.

Check all of your sensors:

Wyze app Home > sensor > settings (gear icon upper right) > Sensor Videos > look for a blue-green check mark to the right in your list of cams

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I can’t verify a bug at this time – When I triggered my porch sensor just now, I got the expected Smart video alert clip (I have the sensor set to record a video on 2 cameras when triggered), and Motion clips from the cameras. I only get Automation clips from my Rules.

Ack! You know, I did mess with that setting yesterday because I saw there was no check mark next to that camera. I’m a dummie, So, all along, I should have had that checked? But why am I getting the “automation” one…which, I might add, was formerly labeled something else (something more obvious) a while back.

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You were checking/unchecking Sensor Videos trying to resolve an earlier problem with Alexa.

Not sure I understand what you mean but, so, I’m left with this question…how do I only get two videos (and two notifications) for each occurrence?

You should be able to go back 2 weeks on your Event clips (DOW at the top) – see if you can find the different name there.

To eliminate the Automation clips, review your Rules (Home tab, Edit pencil in upper right corner, Edit Rules).

As for should you have check marked the sensor to make a video – up to you. My front porch is very important to me, so I have a lot of things trigger. That way when I hear a flurry of notifications I instantly pay attention. :wink:

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Okay, thanks for your help.

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