What is an Automation triggered event

All of a sudden I am getting events with “Automation”. When I view the event there is nothing there. Also, the floodlight never turns off. What activates “Automation”?
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Check your Rules:
Account tab → Rules
There is possibly one there about uploading a video or something similar.

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Thank you for the help. A trigger for the doorbell was selected if it detects motion. I de-selected it. Will give that a try.

Another thing I am getting is “smart alerts” and there is noting there. Any suggestions for that?

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A smart alert is similar, but might be for a sensor rule or something. I always forget which is which. I know @SlabSlayer uses them and remembers the difference, so I’ll call him in to explain the difference between smart alert and automation events. To me. I remember them as basically the same thing and just semantics. :joy: I forget the exact distinction, which is why I quoted someone else so I would be less likely to misspeak about which one was which.

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“Smart video alert” events are when you designate a cam to record a video clip when sensor is triggered. Setting for this is Wyze app Home > your sensor > Settings > Sensor Videos > designate cam

Thank you, Seapup, however, I am not seeing a “your sensor” selection.

Somewhere in your app, you have a device designated to trigger a cam to record a short video. We’re just fellow Wyze users so we can’t see your list of devices that may be triggering the event.

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Really appreciate that. I will go through my devices and take a look.

A Rule that uploads a 12s Video will produce a Push Notification titled “Smart Alert Detected on…” and will show in the Events List as an “Automation” tagged event (for which there are no filters).

A Sensor Video Upload, set within the Sensor Videos settings of the Sensor Device, will produce an Event tagged “Smart Video Alert”. But, I have yet to get this type of upload to produce a Push Notification.

@bbmeyers32, since the “Smart Alert” Push Notifications is being triggered by a Rule execution, note the timestamp on the last notification received. Go to the Rules History and look for the Rule that executed at that time. That is the Rule that needs to be modified to remove the “Upload a Short Video” Action command on the cam that produced the Automation Event Upload at the exact same time. These Automation Events cannot be seen in the Events list unless you clear all filters.

Thank you SlabSlayer, I had a rule when the doorbell sensed motion to turn on notifications to the other devices. I disabled it and will see if that solves the problem. I am not sure why I did that in the first place. I just got 3 floodlight pros, a doorbell, and Battery Cam Pro, and going through all their settings trying to optimize things.

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I’m receiving push notifications from sensor uploads and sensor triggers:

Motion Sensor v2 trigger push notification (this sensor’s Detects Motion notifications are disabled):

Motion Sensor v2 event upload from Cam v3 Pro:

Motion Sensor v1 trigger push notification (this sensor’s Detect Motion notifications are enabled):

Motion Sensor v1 event upload from Cam v3 Pro:


I am jealous. You and I discussed this before.

I believe I have pinpointed the issue. I just enabled Sensor Videos on two of my V2 Motion Sensors. I designated every cam I own that is compatible within the list for Video Upload Cams… V3, V3Pro, PanV3

All Cam’s upload, ONLY the PanV3 and V3Pro send a notification which I did successfully get.

NONE of my 16 V3 cams send a Push Notification.


I’ll retest against Cam v3 in a bit, but you’re probably correct. :+1:


And to clarify this rule action, when this rule action fires your other devices will get their notification settings enabled (if not already enabled by other means). Then they will be able to send notification for their next detected event (not the one that caused the event to enable them). I don’t know if that’s what you wishing will happen or your intent is with that.

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Thanks for your comment, Omgistony, I was not intending for one device to send a notification for other devices.

Retested Motion Sensor v1 and v2 (and Entry/contact sensors) tied to Cam v3 instead of Cam v3 Pro… you’re correct. Event is captured and tagged “Smart video alert”, but no notification is generated. I don’t have a Floodlight Pro, so I can’t test OP’s use cases.

The FLP, as well as the OG cams, are not compatible with the Sensor Videos. The cams are not even offered as an option in the Sensor Videos selection list.

Because the OP was getting “Automation” Events, their issue is Rule produced. If it were Sensor produced, they would have been tagged as “Smart Video Alert”.

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Wanted to follow up with everybody on this.
I really appreciate all of the advice. After a couple days of testing. I accidently triggered the automation events when a Camera Pro triggered on an event. When that event happened, it set an Automation Event to the Floods, turned them, and left them on.
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