Motion Sensor Videos on CamPlus Cam should send a Push Notification with a Snapshot

Currently, when setting “Sensor Videos” from within the settings of a Motion Sensor and green checking the cam(s) designated to upload videos, when a video is uploaded, there is no push notification for that uploaded video. There is a “smart video alert” Event Video uploaded, but there is never a push notification sent for this video. If the Motion Sensor has Notifications off, there is no push notification at all. If the Motion Sensor has Notifications on, there is a push notification for motion on the sensor, but clicking that notification will open the sensor status, not the video.

An example of how this should work is how it currently works if a Rule is programmed to upload a cam video on motion sensor motion. If notifications are on for that CamPlus Cam, a push notification is sent to the phone announcing a Smart Alert Detected with a thumbnail snapshot of the Event Video. Clicking it takes you to the Event Video. It is listed in the Event List as an “Automation” event (but it should be a Smart Alert since that is what the push said it was…IMO). If the Motion Sensor has Notifications turned on, a second notification is sent for the sensor motion that, when clicked, will open the sensor status.

Please add “Sensor Video” Push Notifications to Smart Alert Videos produced from the Sensor Videos setting.


Notification received from Rule - Upload on Motion Sensor Motion (there is no notification from Sensor Setting video upload)

Video Events produced a bit earlier from the same Rule (top) and Sensor Setting - Sensor Video (bottom):

Both of these should be producing a Push Notification, not just the one produced by the Rule.