Cam and sensors notification

Just got the cam, door, and motion sensor combo… I have all notifications enabled but i only get notifications from the cam and not the door/motion sensors. When i go into each device i see they are being triggered and logging a event but no notification sent. The cam is covering all areas that re covered by the sensors so im wondering if the cam sends out notification first the rest of the notifications are stopped? Or am i missing something some ware? Both phones are using the android.

The rest of the notifications shouldn’t be stopped, they should still work.

Did you turn on notifications for each contact sensor and motion sensor? You have to open the app, click on the sensor, and turn on notifications for each one.

Yes double and triple checked the settings

Well found the issue their is a programming bug in the app… their are 2 different locations to turn on notifications. One is under each device and the other is under app settings. When i set the cam to person detection the sensors will not send notifications, but if i turn on all notifications then i get all notifications. Only issue with this if a fly goes by the cam i get a notification and i seem to have allot of fly’s… I never have gotten the motion sensor to send notifications even though it will show events…