Sense motion notifications only when camera is on

So I have a Motion sensor and a pan cam set up in my office. I use the sensor primarily to turn on and off my LIFX bulbs, and was using the pan cam to record when motion is detected. I have my camera set on a schedule to only record at night, or whenever I leave my house.

I got tired of getting false motion notifications whenever someone turned the hallway light on and my door was open, even with the lowest sensitivity setting on the camera, so I set up my sensor to trigger the camera’s recording whenever motion is detected.

The problem is, it records but I don’t get notifications. I know I can enable notifications whenever the sensor detects motion, but I only want to be alerted when the camera is on, not on all motion events. I could schedule the sensor notifications to match my camera schedule, but what if I want to turn off my camera? I occasionally use that room as a guest room and for obvious reasons, can’t leave my camera on.

How could I get motion notifications only when my camera is on?

Interesting dilemma… close the door? : )

Where’s the sensor - in the room?

That’s correct. It’s buggy and not reporting correctly @WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeTeam

I’d recommend contacting customer support for this one. Sorry for the trouble!

Wyze Customer Support