Notifications without Event recording

Why can I not just receive a notification without turning on recording. It will notify for sound but not motion. I dont want to record the event as I am using the camera as a baby cam. So I can get the notification and just jump straight to the live feed. But since its my kids I’m trying to limit what’s uploaded to the cloud.

Btw loving the new camera. Its literally the best one since the OG wyzecam. Its whats been needed this whole time.

All Push Notifications are generated from the cloud. This includes Sound Notifications.

In order for the Notifications to be triggered on the server, a snapshot or video must be uploaded, including with Sound Notifications.

If you look closely at your Sound Events produced by the settings above in the Events Tab, they also produce an uploaded Snapshot (no subscription) or a 12s video (CP\CPL). You may have to adjust your filters to see them.

But theres no option to not upload anything to the cloud. The sound notification doesnt upload the sound to the cloud to get the notification sent. It just is the trigger. The same can be for motion but yet not upload a screenshot nor a video to the cloud if they gave it the option. Also cant change whats uploaded when its the plus service which I need for the live view on the computer. Unless there is something else I am not seeing somewhere.

In your Event Recording Settings, the only way to prevent uploads to the cloud is if you have all options, including Record Sound Events, toggled off.

But, with no cloud uploads, you get no notifications. Notifications are triggered by Event Uploads and are sent from the cloud.

Incorrect. With CamPlus or CamPlus Lite and Record Sound Events enabled, the cam WILL upload a 12s video, with sound, to the cloud and then send you a notification of the same. Without CP\CPL, these may be thumbnail images but they are still uploads.

In your Events tab, use the filter (funnel icon) to select the cam in question and triggered by Sound at the bottom. You will see that every sound event uploads a video or thumbnail.

See the examples below I just produced of a sound event on my PanV1 with Record Motion off and Record Sound on. It is a 12s video with sound.

That isn’t an option. No upload, No Event, No Notification. All notifications of motion or sound are triggered by an upload.

The CamPlus service is an entirely web based cloud service. Without the upload to the cloud, it is essentially useless. The entire platform is based on an event triggering the cam to upload to the cloud which then triggers the cloud to send a notification.

The only thing the cam can do is stream, record and upload. All other functions are cloud based. This is why the cam must have internet to function.

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