I get an event "smart video alert" every 2 minutes

Every two minutes aprox one of my Outdoor V2 cameras records a video. Event is titled Smart video alert.
I´ve checked sensors and rules and nobody is asking for this recording.
Any ideas?

The “Smart Video Alert” is a 12s Event Video uploaded to the server because one of your Motion\Contact Sensors (can I assume V2 Sense Hub Sensor and HMS?) Has been designated to upload a “Sensor Videos” on that cam whenever it has been triggered.

Go thru the device Settings :gear: on every Motion Sensor and Contact Sensor, “Sensor Videos” and look for the green checkmark beside the cam uploading the video. Uncheck it and it will stop uploading the Smart Video Alert.

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Thank you. You were right. I had forgotten I had set one of my movement sensors to film on that camera… and this sensor was not working properly. After resetting sensor everything is fine now.

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Glad you found the solution. I have also experienced sensors that get into a constant trigger loop. It is usually because of a weak battery. I recently changed all my batteries in my motion sensors and every one did this after the new battery went in. I had to reset all of them. :triumph: