Wyze cam og not showing automation videos on cloud

Trying to save the available short video to cloud with the wyze rules automation. Works for my Battery Cam Pro, but not for the Wyze Cam OG. Any help would be appreciated! I’ll probably just buy an SD card if it still doesn’t work. Thanks!

Since I’m a new user, I can’t post more than two photos in my post, so here is the photo of the actual events tab.

I think you have conflicting rules. You have sound detection and the automation for a short video. I think they are mutually exclusive.

So how do you think I should make the short video trigger when a sound or motion is detected?

Looks like you already get the sound video. Just configure motion detection on the camera recording settings.

I actually figured it out now, but thanks for your help. You said that you can’t just have the same device trigger the same device so I had the camera turn on one of my wyze smart lights and that triggered the motion. It’s kind of weird, but it works.

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