Rules-Upload short clip to the cloud not working

I have a WyzeCam V2, and OutdoorCam and a V3. I have set up a rule that when the V2 detects motion the OutsideCam and the V2 upload a short video to the cloud.
However feature is not working. The V3 sees motion and records a clip, but the V2 and Outdoor do not.
I know that the OutdoorCam is triggering on as I can see the IR light come on with the V3 triggers. I have checked the event logs and nothing is there for them.

What am I missing


I have exactly this same issue, the only difference being it’s on Android. I don’t see an answer here,
The rule is enabled, and looks like:

Camera 1 (V2)
Detects motion

Camera 2 (V3)
Upload a short video to the cloud
Time [not specified]