Help with Rules for cams please

I would like to create a rule that minimally would turn my cameras on, take a picture or a short video to the cloud and then turn the cameras off.
Because my ISP upload speed is atrocious (< 0.7Mb) I can’t reliably run more than 2 or 3 cams at a time. Because my local law response is atrocious (takes them an hour) this is more for documentation than real security.
I can :
Turn a camera on
Take a video
Turn the camera off.
But that takes 3 rules. If I try to do it all in one rule the camera tries to take the picture is there any way to combine these so I don’t need 3 rules for each camera?

Can you elaborate on this part? I just did a 3-step rule and it saved a 12-second clip to the cloud from a camera that was initially off, which is what I think you are after. Did you reorder the 3 actions after you put them in a single rule?

  1. Turn on the camera
  2. Upload a short video to the cloud
  3. Turn off the camera

Maybe it’s my network.
I put the rules in in that order.
I’ll try again,
Do you think V2 versus V3 would matter?

I just tried it twice on a V2 I still have active. Both worked, but the first time there was a pink flash after power on that caused a motion recording. So the first one had 2 recordings (motion & automation), and the 2nd one was just an automation.

This leads me to believe my poor network is the problem. I’m also getting some “pink flash” that causes a motion recording on some of the tests.

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Without event recording enabled how much bandwidth does an “on” camera occupy anyway? I’ve been told it’s very little (possibly the same whether “on” or “off”). My point of course is that you may not need to bother with the 1st or last steps of your sequence…

If you are trying to capture motion, what are you using to trigger the rule? The camera won’t detect motion if “off” so you must have some kind of motion sensor?

I assumed he was running it regularly on a schedule, like a time lapse?

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Yup. I want to take a picture from each camera. Time lapse doesn’t fit. can’t schedule it for long periods. And they don’t offer a rule to take a picture.
Based on my experience with my Mississippi ISP if I have 3 cams running recording to SD card sometimes it pixelates or doesn’t connect when I try and access it remotely. 4 or more basically kills the system. I can run seven or eight cams where I have good upload speeds.
No motion sensor (other than the cams) involved.

/edit - I’ll probably have to just set up a LOT of rules…

Several 3rd party apps will work with the RTSP firmware if you have a V2. I have used a software product called motioneye which lets you capture single frame images rather than video to local storage. Pretty sure BlueIris will do the same. Unfortunately, you need a V2 or Pan Cam for RTSP.

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There is always TinyCam too. It works with Wyze (non-RTSP too) and can do frame rates of 0.2 fps and possibly lower. There is a time lapse mode for “10X” recordings.

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