Not all cams showing in detect motion?

I have total 5 cameras, cam-pan v3 looking out to the patio via window glass and cam-pan v2 looking at the entrance door. (missing in the screenshots).

I want to make rule commands:
a) when the v3 detects motion after midnight, turn on motion + send notification.
b) when the v2 detects motion after midnight, turn on motion + send notification.

I don’t see both cameras in the detect motion (see pic). How can I fix this?

Have you tried making a rule, not using the presets? I wonder if using the presets somehow exclude the cameras. I’ll do some testing on my end…

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Oh it works! Thanks! My next question if my current recording is for all motions (not smart detections) will it work if I set it record when it sees a person at the patio?

Note that all Rules are executed at the Server level. In order for a Rule to execute, it must receive the Trigger from the cam. In each of these Rule scenarios you have listed, you have the cams detecting motion as the trigger and turn on motion detection as the action. The cam cannot detect motion if the motion detection is not already on at the time of the motion event. If it is off, no event video is uploaded and the server registers no trigger to execute the Rule.

If you want the cam to only upload and notify after Midnight until ??? am, set a schedule rule to turn on Motion Detection between 12am and ???am. If you want uploads 24\7, but only notified after Midnight, set the schedule rule to turn on notifications during that time.


The camera just detects motion and uploads the clip to the cloud. Once in the cloud is when the AI looks at the clip to see if there are any recgonized objects and tags the events accordingly.

To further explain the actions like @SlabSlayer mentioned:

Turn on/off motion detection: this is best used in a scheduled rule. Ex: at 10pm turn on motion detection.

Turn on/off notifications: same as above. Best used as a scheduled rule action to enable and disable device push notifications. This is not a “send notification” action.

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