How do rules work?

I tried to set up a v3 cam to “upload a short video to the cloud”
I set a Start Time
I couldn’t set an end time

The time passed
Account–>Rules History–>succeeded
Where is it?
/edit - I checked

If you recorded something it didn’t go to the cloud, it is either on the SD card if you have one, or most likely it is on your phone/device picture/video album.

It should be in your event tab under a “smart automation” tag or something. I have a same rule that will trigger here in a minute and I’ll report back.

The “upload a clip to the cloud” is a single action that would occur at the start time, I don’t think there would be a end time unless you make a trigger rule instead. Like “detect motion on A camera then upload a clip to the cloud from camera B between 8 and 5” type of rule.

It’s not in my album.
The rule says “upload a short video to the cloud” and I looked at the event tab.

Got me, I don’t use any rules :upside_down_face:

Found it, Had to turn off motion filter in events tab.


Check your filters to make sure everything is off. I just ran a short cloud clip scheduled rule and this was created.

It was for 701p but went through at 704p. “Automation” was the tag.

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