Sensor usage without HMS

Ok, so a few months ago, my v1 sensors stopped working. I am unable to connect them to the bridge in my old camera. The app is unable to connect them. I assume they are a victim of planned obsolescence.

I nevertheless want motion sensors cause they can be linked to my color bulbs so they can be turned on and off. BTW, my white bulbs stopped working too so assume the bridge sync software kludge was discontinued. Fine with me cause I would rather use the updated camera and trash the older one.

Anyway, I guess the easiest thing to do is buy a new hub and replacement sensors via the HMS. My question is: after I terminate HMS, will the hub and sensors work without HMS? From other posts herein it seems it can be, but I would like confirmation, and how long do I need to subscribe to HMS before I can terminate.


You should just be able to buy 1 month, and then cancel it. The hub will work just there won’t be any pro monitoring, it will strictly be for rules and your own notification.

I have the HMS system and originally signed up for the whole-meal-deal with monitoring, but I never used it. I found it to be too unreliable. The subscription ran out on June 6th and my sensors are still working for motion, doors, activating lights, etc. You can install the hub and sensors without ever activating the subscription. Just don’t follow the installation instructions for HMS and simply install them through the Add Device interface.

Thanks !!

The v1 sensors have a fatal flaw, where if you do not regularly change the batteries, they will become bricked. I change mine once a year to prevent it

Mine became bricks when I changed the batteries. The app showed the batteries and wifi were good, but one by one, the motion sensors became unresponsive sequentially over the course of a couple weeks. I took out each battery and reset it, but thereafter each sensor would not connect to the camera with the bridge. Yeah, bricked. Irritating.

Plenty of posts about the problem which is long running: