Sensor isn't connecting anymore after changing the battery

Sensor isn’t connecting anymore after changing the battery

troubleshooting steps:

Bridge has been reset
Bridge has been moved to new camera
contact sensor has had multiple batteries and resets
contact sensor has been placed onto camera with bridge installed
android phone has been rebooted.
setup still times out without detecting sensor
Firmware updated to latest versions.
anyone have any idea as to how to resolve this issue ?

It’s not your fault, seems that Wyze and Amazon have issues

I’m having the same problem.

All of my sensors are showing offline right now

Mine are back running now

Not mine. All offline and cameras keep having disconnect issues. My internet is working fine. So fed up with these things. I wish I could get my money back

I believe that the cameras are working as they should, the communication between camera and server appears to be the guilty culprit.

Go for a walk and give Wyze/Amazon some time to sort things out.
I’ve noticed several corporate sites having problems today. . .

I had one bulb showing turned on in the app just now, but it was actually off. App is still behaving a little bit wonky but everything else is working ok.

Ring was having issues, too. I have been lucky that I’ve not noticed any issues with my Wyze products (but I only have a couple of cameras and a band).

Sensor will not connect. 2nd sensor on same bridge is connecting and working fine after changing the battery

Do I have a bad sensor; I waited a long time days before changing the battery after low battery sensor came on.

Sensor was being used indoors in an unheated porch; could the cold temp kill the sensor?

My sensors lasted only a few months. Changed the batteries and they never worked again. I ended up throwing them in the trash which seems like the most logical location for them.

Same issue here. I had mine in a spare bedroom with no heat over the winter. Went to put in a new battery and no luck connecting it.

I have the same problem change the battery and it does not work, you already solved it