Sensing People At Night

The issue I’m having is it’s identifying people at night as objects and not people. It identifies cats, and car lights on the grass or shrubs as objects too. It records the people but I don’t get a notification because they are objects. All the kids we had last night and none were identified as people. Our driveway was well lit last night so it shouldn’t be a lighting issue. I checked it first thing this morning in the daylight and it immediately sent a notification and identified me as a person.

Event Recordings
Schedule - All Day
Detects Motion - Turned On

Send Notifications - Turned On
Person - Turned On

I appreciate any support you can provide.

Thanks and God bless.

Was your cam nightvision set to auto, on or off and was it recording during that time consistently on one mode or the other? If your lighting was borderline strong with the cam it could cause it to switch between night vision and normal which would foulup detection. If you look at your continuous record for the time period, assuming you have an SD card installed, you can tell that pretty quickly.

Night vision is set to auto. And it recognizes the movement but doesn’t distinguish people from other objects. The lighting was good enough that I could recognize people on the sidewalk. Also it was working previously at night because I’ve walked into my driveway with considerable less lighting and it picked me up.

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I thought my cams detected people but all my Halloween visitors last night were detected as motion. Some did look like ghosts. One cam is mounted six feet near the door.

Today in broad daylight I was sensed as motion 50% of the time. Missed the Amazon delivery guy as well.

Somedays it works better than other days.

this was a question I had when person detecting was first in Beta a long time ago. during Halloween the motion is that of a person, but the costume might make them appear differently. Keep in mind that the AI was trained on people NOT in any sort of costume the other 364 days of the year. considering some of the deviations costumes might give people, I wouldn’t say its a huge surprise for it not to register. that would be my best guess.


Most of the parents weren’t wearing costumes. Same goes for me and the delivery guy. :grinning:

These kids were older and not in costume. Plus I walked outside and it didn’t detect me and I wasn’t in costume.

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I have two Wyze cams facing my front yard/driveway and I have them behind glass. I made sure I turned the IR lights off. I’ve noticed that at night the cams are very rarely recording events when people walk by. I’ve experimented with myself and my wife going outside and only a couple times has the cam captured us. It seems to have no problem recording cars going by with their headlights on though. I have the sensitivity sliders all the way to 100 as well and still having the same problem. Any ideas?

If you have the infrared off, and night mode off, then there’s no way the camera can see the people.

The reason it captures the cars, is because of the headlights.

I recommend you move your camera to somewhere Where you can use the infrared lights.

If that’s not possible, you can always get an infrared floodlight.

I have the cams in auto mode for night vision, but I do have the infrareds off. I thought the cams detected motion by detecting pixel shifts? If I can see myself in the live feed moving around on camera at night, shouldn’t that kind of movement be enough to record an event?

I just saw my neighbor walking his dog on my live feed, and the sun is now up. The cameras still didn’t capture an event. They seem to capture every car going by though, just not people it seems

Remember that the events have a 5 minute cooldown after each recording during which they will not record anything. If that is interfering then you can either buy the Complete Motion Capture option which effectively removes the cooldown. Or you could use an SD card to capture events or even everything.


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