Sense devices stuck in “open”

I have 3 devices that get stuck. They are on two different bridges. I put in Wyze Ticket 260281. Please advise if there is a solution.

I am very unhappy about the sense product. Doesn’t seem ready for prime time.

Hello @gregshade Welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you are having issues with the sensors. Each bridge will handle up to 100 sensors. You really only need one bridge for the sensors to work unless you have reached the 100 limit. How many sensors do you have in all? I haven’t had any problems with the sensors so far. Unplugging the camera and removing the bridge and reinstalling the bridge will usually get every thing working properly again.

Can you post a picture of your sensor setup?

Welcome to the community, @gregshade. The Sense devices can be affected by quite a few things, including: distance from bridge, RF interference from other devices on the same band, and obstacles (walls, furniture). Hope that helps.

Wyze Sense documentation

I have 2 bridges with 4 sense on one and 2 on another.

My Sense devices are in a traditional home environment with furniture and walls. They are within 20 feet of a bridge and have good signal strength.

A good design should work in this kind of environment. I should not have to move furniture of remove walls for them to work.

Is there a resolution OR can I get a refund of the faulty devices?

I imagine these sensors connect to the bridge by Bluetooth and it’s not the strongest by far.
I’ve found that walls and too much distance can report the sensors as working then being “Offline” (little cloud with diagonal line through it.). Back on then off again.

I’ve never had the Wyze app report one as open when I know it’s not.
The maximum working distance for the magnets is about 20-25 mm.
Which I find impressive.
Does the red led flash on when the door is open and flash again when the door is closed?
But the Wyze App reports it as still “open”?

It’s hard to believe three sensors are bad. More like one bridge is malfunctioning.
The “Closed” signal isn’t getting back to the Wyze App.
But, anything is possible.

Have you tried connecting all the sensors to one bridge? It would be worth a try anyway. A two bridge setup is unnecessary with the amount of sensors you have installed.

I bought another bridge because the distance was too great to connect two of the Sense devices.

Red flash blinks on every open and close.

Interesting fact…i tried to reset one and it blinked 5 times instead of 3. Wouldn’t work. Took out battery and reset blinked 3. Weird.