Wyze Sense Sensors Frozen

it would seem at some point today after I went to work, all the sensors on my doors, as well as my motion sensors, have stopped working. I can pull everything up through the app. It says that each sensor is on line with good signal strength. However they are not reporting motion or opens and closes which means I’m not getting notifications. No problems with the cameras, they are all working fine. Any suggestions on where to start without reloading everything from square one?

Thank you!

There is a button on the back of the hub. Press that and power cycle the camera after they connect again. Should fix the issue. Not normal for all of them to go out at the same time unless there is some kind of issue with the connection to the camera. Might also try unplugging the hub and then replugging that back in as well.

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Thank you. I ended up having to pull the bridges from the backs of the cameras and stick them back in, then give it a minute to reconnect. It’s just odd that both of them would lose connectivity at the same time while the cameras all still worked and we didn’t have any Internet or power interruptions today.

I should also clarify that I did try the button & power cycle feature twice before than with no success.

You shouldnt need two bridges. You should only need the one. Depending on distance for sure but most applications only require the one.

That’s the issue I have is distance. The ones in my garage will not connect to the bridge that’s in my living room because they are on opposite corners of the house and the signal strength is just not there. There really is no good place in the center of my home to put a bridge so I have one in each of my pan cameras that are in opposing corners of the house and that allows me to get coverage on both floors from wall-to-wall.

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I had a similar problem with sensor signal strength. Some sensors could not penetrate multiple walls, or densly-loaded bookcases on the other side of the wall, or a very dense wood door, or the metal framework of a stained glass panel. So I use multiple bridges to have reliable connectivity.

Will there ever be any kind of mesh network between the sensors, or only strictly communicating from each device directly to the bridge? I too have some issues with sensors disconnecting with my many plaster walls between the bridge and certain sensors. I’d rather not get a 2nd bridge because my other cam isn’t on when I’m home.

I have my bridge in the front window of my home and one sensor on the inside garage door and one inside the garage. Both work perfect. It could be what the home is made of. Or other EMF interference that could be causing the issue and loss of signal as well.

Past Experience with cell phone technology showed my that the aluminized (reflective) coating on insulation in walls can block signal - Also we had many compact florescent bulbs in the house and wife’s tablet and laptop had trouble communicating and the trouble shooting by the cable guy pointed to those as the issue (interference) - so changed to LED’s and that solved it.

I had the same issues even bought two bridges in the end i found the issue was simple for most people with the problem and finally found a true fix, i my case atleast Wyzesense needs a daily reboot? - #31 by Infamousadmin