Security play by play

How do I know if someone else has access to my camera as well? I have a feeling someone got ahold of my phone and ended up getting access to my camera but is there a way i can see if someone else other then me is watching so I can out my mind at ease?

There is no way to see if someone else is logged onto your account (and watching) or is watching via a share. You can see if your camera was shared with another account - and can delete the share.
Change the password on your account.
Was you phone stolen, or just someone had physical access to it for a while - and may have done things you did not want?

Change your password, as suggested, then physically reboot all of your cameras. Unplug/plug in each csmera. This will force each camera to reconnect to your account.

You’ll also want to consider two factor authentication which is apparently available in the beta version of the app…

Does Wyze not track recent IP addresses used by each account? That’s too bad…