How to tell what devices are accessing my cams

Is there a way to tell if any other devices are accessing my cams. I know you could share them with other people. I would like to know who what and where are accessing them. I just can’t seem to find it anywhere I’m looking.

On a side note two-factor authentication would be nice.


+1 on two-factor authentication

Not that I know of. I only have one of my cameras shared, and that’s with a friend of mine who also has a couple Wyze cameras and we wanted to test out the sharing functionality. No indication as far as I could tell that the camera was being watched by someone else - other than seeing there there was more traffic from that camera on my WiFi. With a little effort, I could fairly easily determine the IP of the phone that was watching from my router. Note that I am not using consumer type routers nor WiFi and I can see a lot more detailed information that most consumer devices can.