Determine unauthorized access to cameras by retrieving log IPs that accessed the account

Is there a way to know, or get info from Wyze, to determine if someone outside the country (USA) had access to my account with the cameras?
IS there a log of IPs that accessed my account?

Nope,they don’t do that if you have an issue change your login password, we do ours every 90 days

wow, I would expect that they keep a record. So you will never know… Impressive!@

The camera establishes a Peer device to the account requesting it, primarily the main owner of the account and device. If you shared your camera with someone else, then they would also have access.

If you are concerned about your account being hacked or someone able to connect, you can contact and see if they can look into it.

However, can you provide additional information:

  • What device do you think is having this issue, please include the Firmware version as well
  • What Device and App Version you are using to view your camera’s
  • What is leading you to believe that someone outside of the US or out side of your control is accessing your camea’s