2FA Feedback

Hey, all!

Wanted to reach out to see if folks have been enabling their 2FA settings. If so, which do you prefer between the text-based (SMS) code or authenticator app (TOTP) options? Could you give me some detail about why you prefer it?

Hope everyone is staying healthy and had a pleasant holiday weekend.


I prefer SMS. It’s just easier. I get a text straight to my phone. I don’t have to open it up to open an authenticator app.

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I converted to TOTP using Authy. It is working really well for me. I use TOTP for many services and sites now because it is more secure. :slight_smile:


I vote for authentication app, I use Authy v SMS since it’s much more secure.

Also, it can be used if you don’t have cell phone reception (eg: during flight with phone in airplane mode).



Much appreciated!


Hello, @WyzeKyle

My choice can be added alongside @DreadPirateRush and @LukeS82 to utilize an authentication app, especially with Sim Swapping attacks becoming more prevalent than in past years.

I’ve used SMS based 2FA since it came out because it was easy-to-use and added an extra layer of protection, unfortunately easy doesn’t protect me like it did when it was first released.

So, being a security nut-job… I finally switched to an authentication app 16 months ago (yes, I wear a tin foil hat - - oh - - I feel good getting that out in the open :nerd_face:). Yes, it’s an absolute pain-in-the-arse setting-up 2FA on dozens and dozens of accounts, but I felt that it was time well spent (Authy makes it as painless as possible). The alternatives can be a lot more daunting and time-consuming if your phone becomes a causality of sim-swapping.

My choice was Authy for it’s multiple security features and due to the overwhelming popularity by the online Magazine security community (I included several articles below to peruse if you’re interested). In addition, I take advantage of their encrypted backup feature to help prevent lockouts and it’s offline use capabilities (as @LukeS82 mentioned).

Disclaimer: No, I don’t work for Authy.




There is problem with 2FA (SMS especially)
I have 2FA set up some time ago, and now my cell number change - and guess what? I can not login…
And there is no visible way to reset it.


@NumberOne can you tell me when 2FA will be implemented on your web page when logging in and subscribing to any Wyze services?

If you’ve enabled 2FA (SMS) and change your phone number without updating or disabling that security setting, you will have to create a new account – there is no workaround for this.

You will not see a visible way to reset this without being able to log in with that SMS-generated code.

That is in the works, but I/we can’t say anything specific in terms of dates :slight_smile:

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ok thanks @NumberOne. Sooner then later I hope :slight_smile:

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Right there with ya!