Two factor authentication sms

Kept trying to sign in then prompted to enter code sent to me from Wyze via sms but when entered it continually says not a valid code. What the heck is going on?

I don’t know but I’ve been repeatedly told that my opposition to mandatory 2FA is foolish and that it does not present any real problem to ordinary users.

You should probably contact support. There should be a link on the upper right.

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I’m not having any problem with 2FA, but I am using the Google Authenticator app rather than SMS.


I use authy. It works on iPhone, iPad, ubuntu, windows, android and shares the login data across platforms so you only need one valid login for Wyze. I’ve been using 2FA on Wyze and there are a couple of problems. First, updating the app on iPhone/iPad sometimes requires a re-login with 2FA. I also have problems with Wyze websites, but that has more to do with Captcha. I still need to enter the authenticator code more regularly on the websites.

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