Secure login not allowed

I have been unable to log in to my Wyze account for 2 days and in the end I discovered it was because of my security settings on my router.

I use a VPN like millions of people do, but in addition to that I use Smart DNS Proxy on my router.

I can log in to my banks or PayPal or any other site I choose with all security enabled with no problem as long as I have the proper password.

With Wyze I must disable both of these security protocols in order to log in. If this was a once a day event it would be one thing, but as we all know, if you use live view you are forced to log in almost every time you go back to the tab you have open with Wyze view loaded.

In the end, what this means is Wyze insists our systems be less secure, so their security protocols will function.

It is not reasonable for Wyze to insist we make our system better targets for tracking and hacking so we can log in to their site. They need to update their security on the servers to allow secure systems to log in.

There should also be accommodation to stay logged in. Wyze view could be much more useful if when you NEED to see if there is someone outside your home, you did not need to log in. By the time you get logged in, if it was someone at the door, they have given up and left.

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One odd item I noticed about my VPN, my bank wouldn’t let me login from Poland or Netherlands. So far no issues with Wyze on VPN.

I can understand them blocking out of country connections. Can you log in if you use a VPN server in the US, assuming you are in the US.


Kind of depends. Some VPNs will limit certain kinds of connections and Wyze has been known to limit certain kinds of VPNs and suspicious connections. But I use a VPN with my Wyze account a few times a week or more, and I can usually connect (depending on the VPN server). Sometimes I have problems getting notifications, or sometimes I struggle to get some livestreams or other things. But sometimes everything works. So yes, it is possible.

No depends yet. Connects fine in US for me so far. I am glad my bank is picky.

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After I isolated the problem to the Smart DNS on my router, I sent an email back to the support person who was working on my issue to inform him what it was.

The next morning I received and email that stated; “The issue should be resolved. Please let us know if you continue to see the error.”

The issue is resolved, and I can log in with both the VPN and the Smart DNS enabled.

It was a frustrating 2 days of clearing the cache and trying different browsers in spite of me telling them I had tried all of those options. I was even advised to phone my ISP and ask them what was wrong? When I can connect to any site on the internet but this one, I think I know what my ISP will tell me.

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I recently started using NordVPN and started getting this error trying to log in to Live view.
I had to disable NordVPN to get pass this error and log in,

Because of this error and several others, I canceled my NordVPN subscription. I will just continue to manually change my IP address, which has never caused an issue with Wyze or any other website.

What is annoying, after I canceled NordVPN and uninstalled the Nord exe program from my Windows 10 laptop, I still get this Wyze log-in error. But now ,clicking the Log In a second time, lets me in. With Nord installed I was never able to get past this Log in screen error.
I even did a system restore after uninstalling NordVPN and still get this Wyze error. Wyze is the only website I still get NordVPN type errors. Appears Nord has somehow corrupted my system, even after doing a system restore. Fortunately Wyze’s website seems be the only problem, so far.

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Some people’s firewalls or other blockers freak out about the type of recaptcha Wyze uses for some reason. If you are able to whitelist particular website locations or something, you can add that login screen to the list of things for it to allow and not freak out on. Or some people just temporarily disable it while they log in and then re-enable it.

This has been ongoing for a long time. I’m not totally sure what their issue is with the recaptcha, but that has often been the culprit.

I never received the Wyze “This log in attempt seems strange…” until I started using NordVpn. NordVpn also caused numerous other login/email issues, such as Comcast refusing to download emails to my Thunderbird email client because of IP issues. After I stopped using NordVpn all my other issues disappeared except the Wyze login error. Maybe a coincidence.
I am also now getting these email messages from Wyze every time I log in, These messages started after using NordVpn and continue today.