Secondary 2.4Ghz Access Point?

Wondering how many others have put in a secondary 2.4Ghz AP that ONLY supports the WyzeCams?

I am constantly having problems with the cameras disconnecting from the AP, and never getting connected again - unless I go through a complete setup again, or reboot the router 2-3 times. No other device on the 5Ghz or even the 2.4Ghz (only a couple left other than WyzeCams) has this issue. JUST the Wyzecams. Doesn’t happen to all of them - just seems random, but happens to the PTZ cams more often than my V1 cams. This all started with a firmware update last fall (October?) Since that time, I’ve had connectivity issues that didn’t exist before.

I live “in the country”, and there is only one other AP that I can “see” from a neighbor, so I don’t think adding a secondary AP is a problem as long as I keep it away from my primary router/AP. I could carve out some IPs from my existing subnet, or even create a new subnet if needed for the secondary AP.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has done this - and has it resolved the Wyzecam disconnects 2-3 times a week.

For my house I have 6 wyze v2’s and they are distributed between three ubiquiti ap ac lites. My system works pretty good and it was not too expensive.

Not sure I’d call a roughly $225 mesh system “inexpensive”, but then I guess that’s relative.

I am also not using “consumer” grade WiFi at the house and I currently have seven active SSIDs. There are two physical sets of hardware - each supports up to four SSIDs. Each SSID is on a separate Virtual LAN. One of the SSIDs is exclusively used for my Wyze cameras. The VLAN for the cameras is completely isolated from any other VLAN (don’t entirely trust honorable Chinese camera).
Note that I have definitely had issues with Wyze cameras connecting to dual band access points. The hardware used for the WyzeCam SSID is 2.4 GHz only.

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Well, I’ve lost the correlation between what might be considered consumer vs. enterprise grade. For me, “non-consumer” grade is running into hundreds or thousands of dollars for various branded equipment.

I guess I’ve been running “higher-end” consumer grade stuff for the last several years. I get rid of them after about 2-3 years, as the radio gets weaker, and get a newer unit.

On this score, I’m really considering getting a dedicated 2.4Ghz unit that’s DEFINITELY consumer grade to run the cameras. Possibly different subnet, etc. - obviously a different SSID to keep it separate from my home LAN.

I’m just wondering if anyone has used any of those “$50-70” type access points that might be having success, or at least keep them off my LAN so I don’t have to keep losing all my connections when I have to reboot. I don’t know if this is permissible on the forum, but considering modifying a unit or two to run RTSP to a server, and the server sends out alerts, accessible through a VPN, etc. I know their rebranded Xiaomi units with different firmware - but I’m getting more concerned about making sure what they do and record stays with me.

I was having an issue for the first camera install in a barn approximately 150 feet away that had a steel roof. I purchased a netgear extender/access point (set up as an extender) around $90 and it has what seems better connectivity now then the camera that is right outside the garage where the WiFi router is installed. I’m considering using the the extender/access point’s signal for garage unit and porch as well. The Extender is mounted outside under a weather resistant structure about 30 feet from the initial camera. One thing to remember about Extenders/Access Points is that they will only amplify the signal that they receive so you must put the Extender in a location that has a fairly good signal to begin with. Good Luck.