Multiple cams, poor WLAN performance

Has anyone else experienced any WLAN performance issue with multiple Wyze cams plugged into your LAN?

Here is what I have found in my issue:

There was a time I had 3 TrendNET wireless cameras placed throughout the house. I never had an issue with the cameras losing connection. I have since replaced those 3 TrendNET cameras with 3 Wyze cams (v2) and with just 2 cameras plugged in I have no issues but once I plug in the 3rd camera I immediately lose connection with all 3 cameras. I unplug the 3rd camera and all is fine (even though my wife states that intermittently she sees connection issues with the 2 cameras throughout the day when I am not home).

I’m still in the process of collecting data on my WLAN to test some performance on the 2.4 GHz band to see if it may be my Linksys EA8300 that could be the source of the issue. I just find it odd that I never had an issue with the TrendNET wireless cameras on my 2.4 GHz band but am having issues with the Wyze cam. I would also like to note that 2 of the 3 Wyze cams have SD cards inserted so I would hope that there is no connection out to the WAN that would cause some connections issues on my LAN/WLAN.

I too am seeing an issue. I had (still have) 2 iOnTheHome cameras and a Nest camera and all worked near flawlessly. I disconnected them and put 2 WyzeCam Pan cameras in and they can’t stay connected on the same router. After plugging my secondary router into my existing router and setting up a new SSID, I connected one camera to that new SSID on the secondary router and the other to my main SSID on my main router and I can now (usually) bring up both cameras with little issue. Putting both on my secondary router results in me getting one frame from one of my cameras and then it just freezes if it connects at all.

I doubt it has anything to do with the number of cameras UNLESS your WiFi A/P is limited in how many devices can connect to it at the same time. Most do have a limit, and some have a fairly low limit. Each camera does not require much bandwidth except when it is uploading a 12 second clip to the cloud storage or when someone is streaming that camera. And although you certainly could have multiple cameras uploading 12 second clips at the same time, because the phone app only allows watching one camera at a time, total bandwidth on the WiFi should not be that much of an issue. Yes, you would be limited by your internet bandwidth (especially if on a slow connection), but that should not cause WiFi disconnects.
Note that last night I received my two Pan cameras so I now have nine Wyze cameras on my WiFi plus my phone (at least while I was setting up the two new cameras - normally it’s on a different WiFi network).

My main router is an Asus RT-AC68u and I’ve had no issue out of it, ever. At any one given time I might have 20-30 devices connected, but only a few with active traffic. My internet connection consistently gets 100Mb or better and since other cams worked fine, I’m not sure why the Wyze Cams don’t. I’m going to pull the Asus and factory reset/upgrade it and start a new SSID anyway. We will see how it does after that.

An update after further troubleshooting:

On my router I changed the setting on my 2.4GHz band from ‘auto’ to channel 11 and so far so good.

I have never been a fan of “Auto” channel selection - but I’m a techie geek.

I created my own problem last week. After I received my two Pan Cams, for testing, I stuck one of them on top of a storage cabinet in a hallway between the kitchen and family room. That was conveniently about four feet from one of the A/Ps on that network. The other was put in the living room about 15 feet from another A/P on that network. The camera in the living room has consistently worked perfectly, but the camera in the hallway was giving me connectivity problems. When streaming it, it would drop out and re-connect at least every minute and often more frequently than that. Last night I walked by it and realized the problem. When I stuck the camera up there, I put it all of two inches from an A/P on my other WiFi network. So here is this poor camera operating on a WiFi network that is on channel 9 trying to communicate with it’s A/P while it is sitting two inches from an A/P on another WiFi network operating on channel 3 - DUH!!! For testing, I just unplugged that A/P. This morning while on my commuter train, I watched that camera for quite a while and it never dropped out. Since for long term, I don’t plan to have a camera there, this is not really a problem. It is however a good reminder that there are a lot of devices operating in the 2.4 GHz WiFi band that can cause problems - especially when placed that close together.

For the technically curious, I have two WiFi networks that each have four SSIDs. The primary one has six A/P of which four are dual band and the other two are 2.4 GHz only. The secondary network (which is what the cameras connect to) has three A/Ps which are 2.4 GHz only.

The photo gives an idea just how close the A/P on the primary network was to the camera (sorry, I only have a night vision view of this).