WyzeCam cannot connect to Meraki Network

I have 2 WyzeCams I ordered to mess around with here at the office however they are not able to connect to the Cisco Meraki network we have setup. Meraki have both 2.4g and 5.0g wireless radios with auto negotiation. WyzeCam simply cannot connect to these APs as the device states it cannot find the network but the phone app sees my device is connected to the work wireless. Our network is setup with WPA2 so there should be no issues there.

Anyone at WyzeCam have any ideas of what could be possibly wrong? Meraki is quite capable of allowing these devices on the network but it appears that the type of wireless chip that is used on the WyzeCam just cannot auto negotiate with the APs.

Disregard, I figured it out myself. Crazy but my phone cannot be connected to the wireless on the network here in the office. I have to manual enter the SSID and then it will complete on setup.

Interesting that my own phone cannot be connected to the wireless or else the WyzeCam for some reason cannot see the 2.4G network.

So this is actually an issue using the Steering My cameras have packet loss when using the wifi does anyone have a specific way or setting for their Meraki AP to allow these cam’s to be more reliable?

You can actually create a new SSID and have it set for 2.4ghz only. I am not at work right now but if you want I can try to break it down for you. Also afaik I ended up disabling steering.

I do not know how to dedicate a specific SSID to 2.4 Only, I do see option to disable 2.4 or 5Ghz per AP but I do not want to do this. If you have suggestions for SSID settings I am all ears.
I can get them to Join network just fine, but when I open a live stream my channel Utilization goes to Red and packets start dropping. you would think you can do more than 4 wyze cameras on wifi hard to believe a few video streams take up 52GB’s wifi bandwidth.

I Opened a Meraki Ticket via the dashboard and they enabled this hidden feature. I am currently experimenting with this now to see if i can at least get a 2.4 dedicated network for the cameras.
No matter what I do these cameras drop off, I have a pan Scan 9 Feet away from a Meraki MR52 and it still Gags and sputters when trying to move and watch Video.

What do you have the radio levels set for on the 2.4? Since your not going to use the 5ghz , try boosting the signal on the 2.4ghz to the max. Disable steering on this new network also, unless it’s already disabled.

NO steering, but it seems that cameras ping at 1ms till you try to access one of them, t hen the bandwidth goes down hill from there up to 1000ms pings and starts dropping packets. I have 4 trendnet cameras for years never had a problem, I took those down, put in 4 of these Wyze cams and just can’t get them to work at all. The trendnet’s had antennas on them though. some of the cams work fine then I stick them to the window and all down hill from there.
I swear if your more than a few feet from the AP they just don’t work at all. 9 Feet appears to be too far from the AP. Ill see if i can adjust power levels but those are specific to the AP not SSID.