V4 Setup "can not connect to local network"

V4 Cam won’t connect to network, gets “can not connect to local network” when setting up. Bought 2 that both act the same way.
Support couldn’t figure this one out. All other Wyze cams setup fine.
Won’t connect when using Cisco Business 140AC Access point.
Had to go buy a new AP to get these on my network, a TP-Link AC750.

Other devices on my network that setup just fine:
Wyze Cam V2
Wyze Cam V3
Wyze Video Doorbell Pro
Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro
Wyze Cam Outdoor
Wyze Cam Floodlight V1
Wyze Cam Pan v2
Wyze Sprinkler Controller
Wyze Scale
Many other devices of other brands.

Anyone else have issues connecting to local network when setting up Wyze Cam V4?

Not me, I set my V4 up on a simple Motorola Cable Modem with integrated AC3200 router without any issues at all. I have two different SSID, one for the 2.4 and one for the 5.0.

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Not familiar with that Cisco device, but if you have the ability to, try turning off the 5Ghz channel if in mixed while adding the V4.

I have seen in the past some IoT devices that just don’t like setup in mixed mode, but operate just fine once setup.

Similar to @R.Good, I’m also leaning on some sort of compatibility issue that they didn’t know about with that specific AP. Weird things happen. Software devs can’t foresee everything.

(Technically, it could be opposite and be the Cisco AP at fault. You’d have to find the exact problem and find out exactly the cause of that problem on which side it falls to know.)