SD playback and Siren button suddenly missing from all my Floodlight Cam Pros on iPad

I needed to access SD card video and the playback button is gone for all of my Floodlight Cam Pro cameras when using the app on iPad. It was there yesterday, and nothing has changed since then about the app, my iPadOS, or camera firmware.

iPad reboot did not help. I can see all the SD cards are there when I look at camera settings.

I can still access it from the app on iPhone however.

Very strange - the backend of this Wyze system must be held together with duct tape and paper clips. The AWS issue has revealed a lot of flaws, and I don’t think the rodeo is over yet…

I don’t think this has anything to do with the AWS issue or the backend.

More likely it’s mostly related to the fact that the app was designed for iPhones and doesn’t really do a lot of testing for iPads or Macs and how their OS differences can affect things slightly differently.

It will be good to hear if anyone else can replicate or notices the same issue.

Since it’s working fine on your iPhone, and it used to work fine on the iPad, it suggests it may be related to the App’s local cache. I would personally suggest going into the Wyze app on the iPad, go to accounts tab then App settings and clear the cache then reload it and see if it works again.

thank you, I did not even know that was a thing (clear cache). Unfortunately, it did not work and the SD card icon for playback is still missing on the iPad. Also, one of my floodlight pros has gone off-line now :frowning:

I also note the “Siren” button has gone missing,

I don’t believe too much in coincidences when it comes to nascent technology, so the fact that this button has gone missing after having been there so long, day in and day out, and nothing changing except the AWS issue, I am still calling it a Wyze backend problem. The app is very dynamic and the UI changes in real time based on camera type you are working with, and something has gone haywire for Floodlight Pro.

Also the fact that Wyze still has up the banner as of today for “unusually high call volume” on the support page, tells me there are still issues many people are having that a power cycle hasn’t fixed.

Below are iPad vs iPhone pics. Yesterday the iPad UI looked exactly the same as iPhone:

If anyone wants to try and reproduce, I am using iPad Pro 12.9" 4th Gen iPadOS 17.3 with latest version of Wyze App



UPDATE: Deleted the app, reinstalled and now the buttons are back, Good times…