SD card icon not on IPhone but is on Ipad

I have a floodlight pro, using the Wyze app on my IPhone the sd card icon is no where to be found, yet on my iPad it is there and I can view the recording. How do I view the recording on my IPhone?

Try scrolling the little bar with all the icons horizontally on your iphone

No scrolling only the take photo, record, album, and turn off are showing

In this case the tool bar is moving at the rightmost. Could you try hold on toolbar and drag it from left to right? This should let SD card icon coming from the left.

Absolute not able to scroll it is a fixed menu. But on my iPad it is displayed fine and scrolls

Got it. Could you please take a snapshot and send to me along with a device log for that camera? Thank you so much!

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Submitted log ID 1173440

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Hi, could you give a quick try on iOS 2.45 official app to see if issue still exists. Thanks!


Same no way to see the sd card. Can only use my iPad to view sd card

The tool bar is fixed it will not scroll

I am experiencing the same toolbar issue on the battery cam pro. Could you share what app version you are on?