Sd Card Playback UI missing from iPhone app for Floodlight Pro

When viewing a the UI for a Floodlight Pro camera, the “SD Card” icon is no longer available under the video.

I have confirmed the SD Card is installed. And the in the camera’s Advanced Settings > Manage MicroSD Card option, it is displaying the card is installed and that it has available memory.

If you go to Events, and then click the Playback icon, that only loads the main screen for that camera, not the UI for SD Card Playback.

This used to be there. Did a recent update change the UI for this and I’m just missing it?

FYI - the Doorbell V2 is displaying the SD Card icon and it takes you to the Playback UI.

Welcome @mcolinburch

I checked on my iPhone and compared it to my Android. Both contain the SD Card icon which works for me.

I am using the following App and Firmware. providing so you can compare to yours:

iOS App Version: 2.47.0 (4)
Flood Light Pro Firmware Version:
Flood Light Pro Plugin Version: 2.47.0

Here is an image showing the SD Card icon:

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Another user experienced the same issue with their FLP and their iOS Wyze App. Deleting the App and reinstalling it provided the solution.

Check out that Topic: