Floodlight Pro No Video Available

I installed the floodlight pro on Saturday. Have it connected to my router 5g which is about 10’ away from it. First love the picture and wide angle (wish wyze sold just the camera separately). Motion and all that work great but playback via the sd card is terrible. The sd card is a 128gb one that I use in all my other 8 cameras without issues. It records all day and have no issues with playback but the next morning Im only able to go back 3-4 hours before it says (No video available at this time). So yesterday I took the sd card, reformatted it again and had the same problem this morning. Also not have a slide bar in horizontal mode on android is awful, wish they used the same playback setup as the v2 and v3s. Any ideas on my playback problem? 2.0.921 version


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Issues with viewing playback footage from the SD Card in the Floodlight Pro have been noted and reported. Please refer to the linked thread.

EDIT \ UPDATE: I am testing this in the Beta Firmware Release and it has been fixed.