Floodlight Pro SD recording

Can floodlight pro continue to record to SD card if internet is interrupted?

I cannot get it to record when there is no internet.

If this feature is not currently available will it available in future firmware update?

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welcome @Feing

I believe it will continue to record to SD Card, the display may show a gap, if you are continuously recording.

However, on the OG Camera, I recall seeing a post which indicated that even though it looks like it did not record, it did and yo may need to retrieve it from the SD Card by removing it and putting it into the computer.

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Do you all have something to add or correct?


Thank you for the response

I will pull the SSD to confirm.

Do you know if the missing record gap during outage is a bug or something. Is that something wyze planning to fix?

It’s kind of inconvenient to have to pull the SD to see the video when the came is install on high location.

I believe they are looking into it to see what is happening. It was reported with the OG cameras first and individuals have see it on other cameas as well

Note: If the Flood light loses power, you would not have any recording either as there was no power to the camera / light. Sounds obvious, but some have asked.

Got that.

I wanted to test the local record feature so I literally blocking the floodlight to the internet. So there still power going to the floodlight. There was no power outage at all.

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I pulled the SD card.

It sad to report the floodlight did not record to the SD card during the wifi outage (no internet, power still available to floodlight). I set it to continue record not on events.

Wyze staff please confirm if SD record is disabled when there is no internet connection. If that is the case will it be available in future firmware release and when to expect that?

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I will see if I can get some eyes on this for you. Can you please generate a log and post it here

How do I generate a log to post it here? Under wyze support there is an option to submit log but that go direct to the engineer team right?

The log file and whatever details are included will be submitted into a holding area. Then once uploaded you will be presented with a log number, then take that log number and post it in here so that when it’s sent on, the info you uploaded can be referenced by that number.

The next screen you see after uploading the log is this:

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Thank you



Interesting. I never checked this on any of my 6 Floodlight Pros. I will have to test it after the family goes to sleep and doesn’t need Internet.

I haven’t heard of anyone reporting this on this model before now.

Any update from the engineering team regarding the isue?

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I’m looking for info as well.

I was surprised when we lost the Internet that I couldn’t connect to my cameras while on the same WiFi network, aka while at home.

I further thought once the Internet was restored I was going to be able to see what the cameras recorded for 2 days without Internet access.

Nope. No recordings during the Internet outage (tree branch ripped the cable connection off the house).

Not a fan anymore of the v3 Wyze product with a SD installed.

Update the firmware. They release it couple days ago. With the new update it was able to record without internet.

Update I was referring to the floodlight pro.

I checked, my v3 has the latest updates

Interesting I have a v3 will pull ít out and check

Thanks for the topic @Feing - Interested in confirming this capability as I am looking at buying the V3 Pro with spotlight. My wifi is off at night (cam still powered) and would like to confirm that recording and all still occurs with microSD.