SD Cards Stolen

Looks like someone took away our SD cards.
I have Cam Plus activated from yesterday on 1 out of 3 cameras.
Can’t find full recording - only events
while trying to playback it says no sd card even for the one with cam plus.
Please help

Did you check and see that the sd cards are actually gone? If not, sometimes the camera takes a bit to connect and show the sd card status and footage. I’d first check that the cards are in the cameras and we can go from there. Cloud storage (camplus) and local storage (sd card) are seperate and Independant of eachother. Settings of one to not effect the other.

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Yup they are missing.
So Cam plus was on from this morning and cards were removed during day.
However i see only events of motion or person - is there a way for full playback?

No. CamPlus never does “full” or continuous recording of anything. Just detected motion and sound events. It should have caught the thief though.


You can easily stand under the camera and remove the card )

All my exterior cameras I took and wrapped back/sides (over the SD Card) and power cord with Masking Tape. So in Theory the person trying to take it out would hopefully have already been caught on camera, and it would take a while to mess around and get the tape off to get to the SD Card, they might just “move-on” or at least give the camera enough time to up-load the clip before they realize what happened.