Cam Theft and SD card

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Thinking about this for about 24 hours now after getting my V3.

What is the point of the SD card slot. Thinking about this as someone who would want to steal - I would at least attempt to steal the camera. As such, all the saved footage on the SD card would basically be useless.

Not to mention, getting the camera back is…ehhh… I am surprised that the camera isn’t locked to a given account. By this I mean the serial number doesn’t appear to be checked on registration to see if the camera is already owned by someone else.

I get it, you can’t account for every contingency. I just feel like some improvements can be made. I also understand the licensing structure of cam + and why it benefits Wyze from a financial standpoint to not allow you to grab recorded footage right off the SD card, but then I wonder why to include the slot at all seeing as it can be defeated pretty easy.

The SD is secondary. The 12 second Event clips to the cloud are the primary backup. Beyond that you csn use Cam Plus.
The SD card will be very useful for the 99.99% of videos that are not stolen. :slightly_smiling_face:
Locking devices to accounts does little to prevent theft. At best they are useless after they are stolen.

Depends on where the camera is mounted. I have some that would be pretty easy to grab (if you found them all), but there are some that would be very tough without a lot of effort - like 20 feet up a steel pole.

I’d agree with’s and @K6CCC’s statements. I have cameras that are mounted high up with SD cards and I don’t think someone would try to defeat those. I don’t think a simple porch pirate would attempt to disable a camera unless it was easy to do without tools or even a stick of sorts. I would suggest using the screw mount for the V3 outside because it will make removal harder.
In my opinion, a mix of cloud and local recording is usually the best in case cameras do get stolen.
Cloud recording with Cam Plus is always a great option for higher risk cameras like low mounted WCOs.

Being able to brick a stolen device so as to prevent future use would be great to uave.

Will it prevent theft? No. If someone wants to steal a camera, they will do so whether is mounted on the steel plate or screwed down. Will it deter theft? Maybe to some extent if the account lock provision becomes common knowledge. Will the Wyze customer be satisfied they can deny use of stolen goods? 100% yes.

Will Wyze owners sell their cameras and forget to take it off of their account? 100% yes. :blush:

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Yah…I see a lot of demand for used V2 and V1 cameras. Dont think it will be an issue.

True but it doesn’t deter theft either. Just a pain to the owner.

A pain to the thief and a relief to the victim of theft.

Not really. The thief still sells the item and the owner still lost the item.

Hello . I have this newbie question. How could access cloud recorded events if the camera is stolen? Is there any section on the app for that?.


A Franco

Cloud events are in the Events section of the app. They stay for 14 days even if the camera is stolen.